Buying on site

Please take note of which specific category you fall into below:

Transporter Buyer

1. The transporter signs up on the site, which is for free, and then becomes “the buyer”.
2. They can then log in at any time and post a buying request for tyres, rims, breakdowns, etc.
3. Tyre Dealers registered on the site will then receive the request and send the pricing via email to the buyer.
4. The buyer can then choose the best-suited price, product or company and so cuts out the hassle of having to shop around.

Tyre Dealers

1. Tyre dealers register on the site and pay a nominal monthly or a once off yearly fee and then become “the suppliers”.
2. The dealers will then receive buying requests via their personal email from the buyers and can then respond to the buyers with their pricing or service fees via email.
3. The buyers can then decide if they are happy with the pricing or service and can then contact the suppliers to make the necessary arrangements.
4. Once signed up the dealer can load images off their products and also their specials on to their profile, which all visitors to the site will see on the Homepage and on their profile page.

Tyre Dealer to Tyre Dealer

Tyre dealers will also have the ability to send requests or offer products i.e. casings, new tyres, etc. to all dealers and transporters via a selling lead which will work as follows:

1. Sign in to your account.
2. Click on the selling lead tab.
3. Add your product or products.
4. Click send and your done.

All the companies and people registered as buyers and sellers will then receive an email telling them that there is a selling lead they may be interested in and can then respond via the website to your lead. This helps you to get any specials you are running out to the masses and you don’t have to phone around.